In the early part of the 19th Century a booming business in farming implements was developed by Dayton S. Morgan and William H. Seymour. They were among the first settlers in Brockport.

morgan-manning house

The Morgan-Manning home was built in 1854. Purchased thirteen years later by Dayton S. Morgan, it remained the Morgan homestead for almost 100 years. A disastrous fire in 1964 took the life of Sara Morgan Manning, a 96 year-old widow, who was the last of seven Morgan children. It was the wish of Sara Morgan Manning that her home "would stand forever as a monument to the fine old traditions that are so important to our heritage."

Members of the Western Monroe Historical Society undertook the restoration of the fire-damaged house in 1965. Today the house stands fully restored, very much like it was when the Morgan family lived in it during the 19th century. Volunteers work diligently to maintain the house and its furnishings so that it will remain a testimony to our heritage.

Tours of the house are available by appointment. Contact Eunice Chesnut at 637-3645.