The Walk! Bike! Brockport! Action Group exists to improve the physical environment for walking and biking within the greater Brockport, Sweden and Clarkson communities, including the College at Brockport, and to alert the community about the positive physical and emotional benefits of walking and biking, encouraging residents (community and college alike) to spend more time in these activities.

The group is a subcommittee of the Town Gown Committee (a committee co-chaired by Mayor Blackman and The College at Brockport President, Heidi Macpherson and comprised of college and community represenatives).  Walk! Bike! Brockport! is open to interested community members. 

Our goals are:

  • To tie Brockport, Sweden and Clarkson together in a seamless, safe and aesthetically pleasing manner from the perspective of walking and biking.
  • To link these communities to the Canal Path.
  • To create an atmosphere for more "active" lives at all ages, improved public health and enhanced quality of life.
Committee Chair is Patrick Armstrong, email for more information or to volunteer,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..