Dept. Personnel


Chad Fabry

Code Enforcement Officer/Building Inspector
585-637-5300 x119
585-465-8591 (cell)
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Barbara Krizen

Department Coordinator
585-637-5300 x114
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Our department handles a wide range of matters pertaining to NYS Building Code, property maintenace and inspections, permits & certificates of occupancy, fire safety, and applications to the Planning Board and the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Please note: We CANNOT accept complaints via telephone. Please complete a Code Enforcement Complaint Form




Use our interactive map to view rental properties in the village.

*Select square in upper right corner to enlarge map*

Disclaimer: The completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of any information and data posted on the map is not the responsibility of Google and shall be updated on a monthly basis by the Village of Brockport Building/Code Enforcement Department. In the event any information on the Village of Brockport’s official printed documents differs from information contained on this map, the official printed documents shall take precedence.




(contact us to verify the need for a permit)


Fire / Safety Inspections

Code Issues

Stormwater / Flood Plain / Illicit Discharge

Planning / Zoning

General Documents

Lead Poisoning or Mold

Lead Poisoning – Contact the Monroe County Public Health Office at 585-753-5087.

Mold – There are no governmental agencies that test for mold. The best treatment is to identify the problem that is causing the mold, then eliminate the problem. You will also need to clean up any mold that has formed. Here are some trustworthy websites that offer detailed information on both mold and lead: