Village of Brockport
Economic & Community

49 State Street
Brockport, NY 14420
(585) 637-5300

Economic Development

Economic & Community Development

Our primary functions are to help business and services establish and/or grow operations in the Village of Brockport and to improve the quality of life in the Village through the implementation of housing improvement and historic preservation programs.

The department administers the Community Development Block Grant program, the Summer Serenades Concert Series and foundation grants received through various sources. In addition, we are also active in the Greater Brockport Development Corporation and we provide staff assistance to the Historic Preservation Board’s Façade Improvement Program.

Community Development
The Department of Community Development designs and administers programs: to
attract visitors and residents alike to Village attractions such as downtown and canalbased events; to improve the quality of life in the Village through beautification
programs and; to rehabilitate homes and businesses in the Village through
home/business restoration initiatives.

Economic Development
The mission of the Village of Brockport’s Department of Economic Development is
to attract and retain retail and commercial businesses in the Village proper.
Accordingly, the Department plans and implements economic development activities
which aim to protect, improve and diversify the Village’s economic base.

Greater Brockport Development Corporation (GBDC)

Village of Brockport
49 State Street
Brockport, NY 14420
FAX 585-637-1045

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