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A Brief History of Brockport, New York

Settlement in Brockport began after a road was cut through the wilderness from Leroy in 1802. Brockport became a village around 1820, when the Erie Canal was laid out, and was incorporated in 1829. A note in the Rochester Telegraph of Nov. 19, 1822 stated " A village, called Brockport, is now erecting on the place where the Grand Canal intersects the main road leading from Clarkson to Leroy." It grew rapidly after the canal reached it and industries developed to use the new waterway.

Hiel Brockway

Hiel Brockway, a Connecticut-born builder had moved to the town of Sweden in 1817 and began purchasing land along Lake Road. Much of this land later became Brockport. Construction throughout the new village began in the fall of 1822. In 1823 Thomas Roby wrote that the village had "a number of houses and four stores, mostly of brick." The locally produced brick has given rise to the tradition that Brockport was called "The Red Village" by the local Indians.

The name "Brockport" was said to be a shortened form of "Brockway's Port" and was selected at a meeting of the inhabitants of the towns of Sweden and Clarkson in November of 1822.

Among the first settlers of Brockport, in additon to Brockway, were James Seymour (who also had purchased much land in the locale), George Allen, John G. Davis, Joshua Field, Ralph W. Goold, Charles Richardson, Thomas Roby and Luke Webster. Many of them were from New England. In it's first decade the village grew rapidly, and by 1830 Brockport supported 685 residents.

On April 26, 1829 Brockport was offically incorportated as a village. The charter decreed that at the first village meeting, in May, the voters are to elect five trustees, three assessors, a clerk, a treasurer, a tax-collector, a pound-keeper, an overseer of highways, and two constables. The trustees are to designate one of their numbers as president, an office corresponding to Mayor. All of these officials were elected to one-year terms.


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