Village of Brockport Code Enforcement Office Update

To all who have need for the services of the Village of Brockport Codes Department: We are currently in a state of transition as fulltime Code Enforcement Officer and Building Inspector David Miller resigned on May 31 and we accepted the resignation of part-timer David Rearick July 2nd. The Village will be hiring a new fulltime Code Enforcement Officer as soon as we have the go-ahead from Civil Service to hire under the civil service title “Code Enforcement Officer, Building inspector, and Fire Marshall.” In the meantime, we have engaged the capable services of Chad Fabry, Code Enforcement Officer for the Town of Clarkson, who has worked for us before.

The Codes Office is currently closed on Mondays until further notice, allowing Codes Clerk Katie Brown time to catch up on paperwork while we are short staffed. Please contact Chad Fabry directly for codes matters needing immediate attention at 585-465-8591.  For all non-urgent matters, please call Katie Brown at the office, 585-637-5300 x114.