The Village Clerk serves as the administrative assistant to the Mayor, and maintains all Village records, laws and ordinances.  In addition, the clerks are responsible for tax collection, village permits and licenses.  The minutes of the Village Board of Trustees meetings are recorded by the Village Clerk.


  • Many of the Village Forms and Applications are handled by the Clerk's Office
  • Water bills, village taxes, various planning and zoning fees are accepted by the village clerks.  Notary public services are offered.
  • See Policies Adopted by Village Board
  • Monroe County handles birth/death records, filing a DBA, board of elections, and more
  • The Town of Sweden is your resource for dog licenses, handicapped parking permits, town/county taxes, and applying for STAR and other tax exemptions or grieving assessments
  • Any town clerk in NYS can help you with marriage licenses or hunting/fishing licenses