The Depatrment of Journalism, Broadcasting, and Public Relations at The College at Brockport is using a drone with a camera in one of their special topics classes, to teach their students the latest technology in the journalism industry.  They are the first college in western New York and one of the first in the SUNY system to do so.

This class requires 5 groups of students to get about 8-10 minutes of footage.  No store fronts or people's homes will be videoed, and the class is following all FAA regulations.  The professor is a certified pilot and is with the students when the drone is flying. 

The class will be out to shoot the week of March 25th, April 1st, and Maril 8th.  They hope to shoot on Fridays, but depending on weather, may shoot Mondays or Wednesdays of those weeks instead.  The group will gather to use the drone for about an hour in the afternoon.