If you drive or walk down Park Avenue or Adams Street you can’t miss the several large trees ringed with red tape. As you might surmise, they are marked to be taken down in the near future, along with 4 others, as yet unmarked, on Centennial Street.

The Village’s public trees are all inventoried on a database, their individual statuses recorded and monitored by the Village’s DPW, from needing no attention to routine pruning, to removal. These several trees have reached the removal stage, due to poor health (e.g. one an ash tree infected by the ash borer; another seriously damaged from an automobile accident) and/or growing too close to primary utility lines. Today, the Village only plants tree species under utility lines that are shorter in nature, and will not grow into the primary lines. Carefully choosing which species to plant earns the Village a $50 rebate for each tree from National Grid.

Appropriate trees will planted to replace these removals, as space permits.