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Current Information

A petition was filed on January 25, 2016 with Monroe County by Rhett King calling for a vote to dissolve the Village of Brockport.

The Village Clerk certified the petition, finding 339 of the signatures were currently registered voters in the village.

Rhett King and others submitted a request to speak at the Village Board work session on February 22, 2016.  The Village Clerk responded and the request was accepted by the Mayor.

Rhett King called for the village to commission a study on dissolution.  Josephine Matala of Pro-Brockport spoke against such a study.  The Village Board spoke unanimously against the request.  Read each Village Board member's response:  

A special Village Board meeting was called for March 5, where the date of the dissolution vote was set for May 24th.  Read the full Village Board Statement to Voters on Dissolution.

 Read the latest Village Newsletter with related information here.

Public Information Session to be Held

On May 10th at 7pm Wade Beltramo, Chief Counsel for NYCOM (New York Conference of Mayors) gave a public presenation on what to expect with dissolution.  A video of the presentation is available here. The power point slides for this presenation are available here.

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Further Information

SUNY Communities: Exploring Alternatives to Dissolution by Hannah Smith, SUNY Brockport graduate - a thorough research paper on villages and dissolution and the particular position of villages that host a college.

The New N.Y. Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act - a powerpoint presentation from the New York Department of State, March 2010.  This explains the law behind dissolution.

NYCOM (New York Conference of Mayors) Guide to Local Government Dissolution and Consolidation - guidance to local governments on the authorizing legislation (NY Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act), what it requires and what it does not require under the law as well as the realities of local government consolidation. 

Items of Particular Interest/Usefulness in the NYCOM Guide:

  • Pages 1-18 specifically discuss elector-initiated dissolution
  • Page 2 Point 2 "Resulting Efficiencies"
  • Page 3 Point 3 "Change in Taxes" and Point 5 "Establishing Special Districts"
  • Page 5 Point 9 "Binding the Town to the Dissolution Plan" and Point 10 "Study Committees"
  • Pages 35-37 Section VIII "Underlying Issues Related to Local Government Restructuring and Efficiency"

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