Canal Embankment Update, as noted in the Winter Village newsletter (see link below for info regarding trail acces locations)

During the spring and summer, Nick Schwartz, CHA Companies landscape architect on contract with the Canal Corporation, met with Brockport homeowners regarding possible plantings at the toe and top of the embankment. The original plan called for the work to be completed this fall, but that has now been pushed back until next spring.

Meantime, CHA completed an assessment of potential new Erie Canalway Trail Access locations in Brockport. They investigated four potential new trail access locations—from Lyman Street, McCormick Place, Sunflower Landing, and Evergreen Park. The conceptual designs considered ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Empire State Trail Design Guide, and AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) Bicycle Guide standards. CHA’s November 5 memo, “Assessment of New Erie Canalway Trail Access Locations” is available here.

Neighbors across the canal from Allied Frozen Storage should be pleased to know that plans also call for the planting of 18 Norway spruce along the south bank of the canal adjacent to the Allied Frozen Storage facility. These plantings will be installed in the spring at the same time as the others being planted to address adjacent homeowner concerns.