Connecting the north and south sides of the canal, between the College of Brockport and the Village of Brockport is a guard gate.  This gate was never intended as a connection for people -- until now.  The gate is being reimagined as a pedestrian bridge.

The Guard Gate bridge, the anchor of the Brockport Loop, will provide access to the Empire State Trail and Corbett Park in the Village. It will be a stimulus to the further development of Brockport Community Rowing at Commissary Park and to the partnership between the College and the Village. Without question, the bridge and the completion of the Loop (to the Smith Street Bridge and across) will stimulate economic development and tourism, drawing people from the greater Brockport area along with more visitors to our section of the Erie Canal.

Read the Governor's press release about reimagining the Erie Canal, including his announcement of the Brockport Loop here.

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