Dear Brockport community:

I want again to express my gratitude to the individuals and teams who have repeatedly exceeded all expectations over the last several days as we have welcomed our SUNY guests to Gordon Hall. I have been touched, not only by the efforts of our campus community, but by the generosity and support of our surrounding communities. So many individuals have expressed a desire to help enrich the stay of our visiting students that we have created a website to centralize these efforts. I’m sure this support will mean a great deal to our guests. I know it does to me. Thank you.

In addition to the 18 study abroad students currently quarantined at Gordon Hall who had been in Italy, we have learned that we will be hosting approximately 14 additional students who had been studying in Japan and South Korea. We expect them to arrive sometime this evening or early tomorrow morning. Just like with our guests from Italy, these new students, who will undergo a two-week precautionary quarantine, have been screened and show no symptoms of the Coronavirus.

The students from Japan and South Korea will receive the same welcome and comforts that the students from Italy have received. And, with the support of our surrounding communities (as indicated above), we expect to offer them even greater comfort in the days ahead.

We have developed a full FAQ website with a lot of additional information. We will continue to add more. In addition, you’ll find below the information that was shared yesterday in an effort to ensure that our entire community is up-to-date:

Why Brockport
Gordon Hall was selected because it was a one of the very few vacant dormitories across SUNY, with rooms that can accommodate students comfortably with WiFi and food services, and that are large enough to allow them to be separated from one another during their precautionary quarantine period.

What is Precautionary Quarantine
The New York State Department of Health defines the need for precautionary quarantine when an individual has traveled to one of the impacted countries (China, Iran, Japan, South Korea or Italy) where the Coronavirus is prevalent but who is not displaying any symptoms. The students in Gordon Hall are undergoing this precautionary measure, as would any traveler returning from Italy. While many of the study abroad students chose to undergo the precautionary quarantine at home, several chose a dormitory.

While here, our guests will be provided with every comfort of home including plenty of food service, technology access and academic support to complete and continue their course studies. As part of the precautionary quarantine directions, each student will be separated from one another, monitored and screened daily by local and state health department staff to include temperature checks and will remain inside the dormitory at all times for the duration of the 14-day period. The New York State Department of Health has issued guidance when testing for COVID-19 shall be authorized by a health provider.

Campus university police presence
A university police presence will be at Gordon Hall. They are there to provide the same level of service and security to the study abroad students as they would the campus as a whole.

Our campus community
SUNY Brockport, working closely with our county and state health partners, are taking significant steps to protect the health and well-being of our entire campus community. The students in Gordon Hall have repeatedly shown no symptoms of the Novel Coronavirus and are undergoing this precautionary quarantine as a preventative measure because they traveled from an impacted country where the Novel Coronavirus is prevalent. At the direction of the county health department, these students, who again are not showing any symptoms of the Coronavirus, will remain inside the dormitory, with no contact with our campus students. This is an additional precaution to ensure the protection of our campus community.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding.

Kind regards,

President Macpherson