New York State Department of Transportation will soon be posting the highway bridge that carries Park Ave/Fayette St. over the Erie Canal in the Village of Brockport, Monroe County, with a maximum weight restriction of 11 tons on or about Friday, November 8. It has been posted for 17 tons.

Annual bridge inspections on the structure and a load rating analysis were performed recently to determine how much weight the structure is capable of supporting on a regular basis. The condition of each bridge is no longer adequate to carry heavier loads than what will be posted. The structure can safely handle all other loads at that weight and under.

A detour will not be posted. The nearest un-restricted Erie Canal crossing is Route 19 in Brockport.

If you have any questions about the posting process, the condition of this asset or any other concerns, please contact me at 585-272-3487.


Brad Grisley, P.E.
Regional Structures Management Engineer