At the 10/21 Brockport Village Board meeting, a Village resident raised the very legitimate complaint that since the new administration, Village Board meetings have not been broadcast on Time Warner. We apologize for their absence; as a government committed to transparency, we fully intend all Village Board meetings to be shown on Time Warner's public access channel.

Our official, but volunteer, videographers have been dealing with a new camera, a steep learning curve, battery problems, and, more to the point regarding Time Warner, difficulty sizing the download into a single seamless piece, as TW won't accept video material divided into parts.

In the meantime, for residents who have computers, the following Village Board meetings are available at http://www.youtube.com/user/ProBrockport/videos: July 9, August 5, 19, September 16, and October 7. As we work at revamping the Village website, eventually all Village Board meetings will also be available on the Village website.

Currently Village Board meeting agendas with packets, PowerPoint presentations, meeting minutes and news items are posted on the Village website, www.brockportny.org.

As I write this letter on Wednesday afternoon, I just learned that the October 7th meeting is airing on TW. Village Board meetings will air at 1pm on Wednesdays and 7pm on Thursdays.

Thanks for your understanding,

Margay Blackman, Mayor